Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome to Metatechnicality

 First Definition

prefix, beyond

noun, a petty formal point arising from a strict interpretation of rules

Second Definition

prefix, A prefix meaning one level of description higher

noun, something that is technical; a technical point, detail, or expression

Third Definition

prefix, change, alteration, transformation

noun, the state or quality of being technical 

Fourth Definition

prefix, along with, among

noun, technical methods and vocabulary 

We Could Go On

Any neologism built upon versatile prefixes, word(s), and suffixes must face up to the possibility that means nothing at all, or at best very little.  Adding length seems to condemn the word to meaning not much at all; such is the sad case of the longest words commonly accepted in the English language, a collection of very specific technical jargon from various fields, mostly medicine.  Brevity damns the new coinage to the lesser fate of meaninglessness, like the word "fun".

Rarely, the term is just nebulous enough to associate previously disparate concepts, while relying enough on established terminology to give the user a slippery yet firm grasp of what he or she means.  Occasionally, the user has helped, rather than hindered, a reader or listener understand a concept or opened a mental window to a new topic.

This is a blog about what happens when rules are applied to:
  • Systems
  • Games
  • Simulations
  • People
  • Communities
  • Countries
  • Ideas
  • Beliefs
  • Other Rules, like physical, natural, or legal Laws

The contention here will be that once a system of rules is applied to anything, that this thing will then behave according to game theory, making choices to its benefit.  Where incongruities arise, they will not be ignored, but explored in depth.  Inconsistencies in the expected behavior of interacting mechanics and players are what provides for insight into this topic.

Where inconsistencies are found, they will be interrogated via methods which include, but are not limited to, statistical and/or mathematical analysis, literal reading of the language defining the rules or mechanics, and the Socratic Method.

Where incongruities and logical fallacies are found by the reader, the author hopes that the reader will leave a comment addressing the problem or topic.  Quibbling about premises is encouraged.

Definitions found on meta-  technicality

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